When you love a delicate woman, treat her softly.

Love her gently, caress her carefully, speak to her tenderly.

When you love a fragile woman, remember that her heart is as soft as her skin and her soul as deep as her eyes.

When you love a gentle soul, explore the aisles of forgotten bookshops and sit on the edge of the rocks bordering the ocean as she lays her head quietly on your shoulders.

This is her definition of adventure.

When you speak to a woman of delicacies, engage with her wisely, as she may not be entertained otherwise.

When you find yourself falling in love with a delicate woman, be prepared to embrace all of her beauties.

The way she smiles when she comes across a quote she favors.

The way she cries when the slightest of joy penetrates her heart.

The way she gallops towards you upon first sight simply to tell you of what idea she’s newly discovered.

The way she sits silently and dedicatedly when her mind is engulfed in a project.

The way she roars when she converses in passionate subjects.

Most importantly, be prepared for the way she’ll love you back.

Soft kisses, sweet glances, fueled conversations, quiet moments, light embraces, and a soulful existence.

When you love a delicate woman, her presence will feel anything but.

Love J.J.


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