My feet have been in Hong Kong many times. Mainly for business, sometimes for leisure. This specific trip, I made an effort to see Hong Kong outside of the industrial business centre that I usually confine myself to.

Day 1: Peninsula Hotel & Choi Hung

After two weeks apart, my boyfriend surprised me with a bouquet of roses, a chauffeur in a Rolls Royce to the luxury Peninsula Hotel, and a helicopter ride over Hong Kong. He never ceases to amaze me, nor is afraid to go above and beyond. The following day we ventured into Choi Hung, one of Hong Kong’s oldest housing districts, to see the colourful rainbow apartments from a rooftop basketball court. Early morning hosts a precious atmosphere as the court slowly starts to fill up with locals jogging, exercising, and chatting.

Day 2: Chi Lin Nunnery & Sai Wan Swimming Shed

In the heart of the city lies one of the most beautiful nurseries I have ever seen. Chi Lin Nunnery boasts gardens of stunningly preserved bonsai trees and petrified woods. An exquisite location for an afternoon break or for a momentary escape from the city walls.

Later that evening we stopped by a well known swimming shed popularly used for Instagram shots and wedding photography. Ideal for watching the water during sunset, you’ll need to trek down a bit in order to find this gem.

Day 3: Sik Sik Yuen Temple & Tian Tan Buddha

A pleasant find and a nice stop in the early morning when there aren’t too many people, Sik Sik Yuen Temple was a beautiful spot to take a quick stroll around and enjoy traditional Chinese design. Afterwards we took the big adventure out to the Tian Tan Buddha for one of Hong Kong’s most notable travel experiences.

Day 4: Quarry Bay & Man Mo Temple

Hong Kong’s city is notoriously known for being extremely crowded. What better way to witness this than to visit Quarry Bay, one of the city’s most dense areas. Also popularly known is Man Mo Temple, a quaint temple tucked quietly away in Hong Kong’s city centre.

Overall, Hong Kong will always feel like a second home for me. It’s proven time and time again that the vibrant culture, mesmerizing chaos, and delectable foods are reasons to put this city on any traveler’s radar. Offering both concrete jungle and tranquil greenery, although densely populated, there’s always something for someone in Hong Kong.

Love J.J.


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