The funny thing about depression is that it takes your heart.

It tears your soul.

It makes you feel empty and weak and vulnerable inside.

It makes you go to dark places you think you’ll never rise out of.

The thing about depression, is that it makes you feel numb.

You lose yourself in a way – your sense of love, emotion, and ambition.

Depression doesn’t feel like hell. It just feels like a period of long and empty silence that never breaks open to the sun.

But the thing about depression is that it can be overcome and conquered.

Like anything that’s beautiful, it needs time and nurture.

So be patient. Be kind to yourself. Love even the smallest things that you’re willing to. And remember to take each day step by step.

It may feel as if you’re treading on a plateau, but I promise you that you’re climbing a fleet of stairs out of your depression.

Love J.J.


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