Learning to love who you are is a journey not many people talk about but everyone goes through.

There’s no denying that life has its ups and down, its shining moments of happiness, and the darkest memories we hope to never repeat.

Through these chapters of life, we develop a sense of who we are, a personality we cling onto, and a heart that grows into the world.

Our lives, our memories, and our moments make us who we are – shape us into who we want to become.

So what happens when you don’t love who you are? When the world feels heavier than it should and your spine feels weaker than the weight?

What about those who are still learning to crawl while watching those who fly through life so effortlessly.

What about the ones who are overcome by anxiety, grief, fear, and insecurity so painfully that life sometimes feels too hard to live.

No one person’s struggle is more important than the other, and in every single way does each person go through their own struggle that not everyone knows anything about.

But if you’re standing at a crossroads waiting for the next sign of which path to take that will lead you to happiness, you’ll be waiting for quite some time.

If you’re starring at the mirror wondering who it is you see looking back, you have a long journey ahead of you.

Because learning to love yourself isn’t an easy path or an answer you can wait for.

It’s one that goes through as many ups and downs as life shall take you. It’s learning to embrace the moments that make you feel invincible and run with the wind. It’s trudging through the dark moments and feeling both stuck and persistent at the same time. It’s EVERYTHING that life has to offer.

So if you’re still learning to love yourself, it’s ok to feel like everything is hard, because it is. It’s hard to do things the right way and not take short cuts and learn to experiment and be ok with failures and rise above each given moment. But you will get through and you will succeed.

If you’re starting to love yourself, you’re halfway to the finish line. Learn to pace yourself, because remember this isn’t a race, but a journey. You have come so far already, keep pushing forward, keep persisting. What awaits you is a life of beauty, a heart that is whole, a mind that is at peace, and a soul that is soothed. You are almost there. Keep going.

To all those learning to love yourself: you are not alone, you are strong and brave and beautiful, and you will succeed. Believe in yourself.


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