It’s funny how life works in mystic ways.

We never truly know what’s in store for us.

As someone who was never content with the unknown of my future,

It’s taken me a long time to finally accept that the path I take matters less of the destination than it does the journey.

Hence, J’Adore Journey.

Love your journey. That has been my greatest lesson throughout these past few years.

Learn to love the process, not the end result.

Learn to breathe in the adventure, not the destination.

Take each moment as a blessing and as a learning curve and shape it into whatever you like because that’ll be your path in the future.

A road that leads to anywhere you desire, so long as your heart, mind, body, and soul align in the same direction.

Take this life and make it your own, because you only have one. Don’t waste it assuming you need to have everything figured out, every detailed planned, every question answered, or every thought already made out.

Life is not meant to be a race to the end. Life is meant to be a pleasure of emotions, achievements, moments, and everything in between that takes your breath away.

The first time you fall in love.
The first time you felt adventurous.
The first time you found your favorite restaurant.
The first time you realized that you had a true friend in life.

Life is not meant to be counted in years. It’s meant to be a sum of your experiences. Don’t waste time looking at the clock, ticking off personal achievements someone else set for you.

Live your life. Be free. Let loose. Just go.

Learn to love your journey.

J’Adore Journey.

Love J.J.


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