According to some fancy personality test, I am 87% introverted.

Introversion vs extroversion is defined as where you receive energy from.

I’m usually regarded as a people person, bubbly, smiling, and talkative. So when people imagine introverted individuals as shy and quiet, they can’t fathom myself as so.

However, this isn’t the case. As much as I love people, getting to know others, and sharing genuine moments, I absolutely need to find my alone time and r e c h a r g e.

Sometimes, being out and socializing for a few hours can prompt a following 24hrs of solitude to reenergize.

As someone climbing her way out of depression, recently I’ve focused more on being in tuned with my introverted side. The part of me that’s not only most dominant and natural, but most rewarding.

I’ve noticed such a difference in my overall wellbeing when I choose my authentic self (introverted) over my expected self (extroverted).

I’ve discovered that balance doesn’t always mean 50/50. But the 87/13 that my personality revealed is just the right balance for me. I’ve learned that I need to honor my depression and allow myself the recharging and healing space in order to be fully functioning and happy in society. I need to be communicative, validate my emotions, be honest about how I’m feeling, and make smart choices for myself in order to rise above my adversity.

There’s no shame in being who you need to be, even if it doesn’t satisfy others. The benefit is in the warmth you feel when you rest your head at night knowing you’re taking care of yourself.

Love J.J.


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