A lot of people search for what makes them feel alive. What place or person or activity that makes them scream with joy, mad with happiness, from the inside out.

We live in a very noisy environment. This world is filled with so many distractions, opportunities, dreams, and people that flood the canals of our ears flowing straight into our minds. Our thoughts are polluted with as many things as we can handle, as many topics as we can speak.

Sometimes, noise is good. Sometimes noise is productive. Sometimes noise is healing, like the heartbeat of your mother who you haven’t seen for years.

Sometimes, noise can be exactly what we need. Words that inspire us. People that encourage us. The songs of a lyric that speaks to our souls.

But sometimes, noise is the opposite of what we need. Sometimes, we start to search for silence.

I’ve found in a world with so much noise, so much beauty, I tend to lean towards wanting to wind down from all the liveliness and expressions that surround me.

Sometimes, in my happiest moments, is when I feel completely silent and the world is still.

I search for those moments when the world is silent. I search for that moment when everything around me is still and I can concentrate only on my heartbeat.

I search for that one thing in life that brings me joy in it’s most simplest form.

Whether it’s movement, fulfilling the senses, experiencing something new, or witnessing an old face, I crave those moments.

There’s a specific time warp that happens when I find that moment of silence. It’s like those films where I stand completely at still and all I see is that one thing or person, and everything else around us just speeds past at lightning pace.

Or that scene when everyone else is frozen, and the slow motion of things makes the moment seem unreal, unfathomable. And even the slightest movement like the batter of an eyelash is enough to make my heart beat rapidly out of my chest.

It’s these moments, where I forget everything else, that make me realize that there’s more to life than living at it’s loudest or expressing all there is to feel.

Sometimes, when you feel nothing, when you think nothing, you find yourself in absolute peace. Calmness. Still. And silent. The world is no longer a mess, but a garden of gratitude.

It’s these moments that I search for silence in life, that one thing that makes the world completely quiet and still.

Love J.J.


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