I always allow myself to disconnect when needed.

I think there’s great importance in disconnecting with noise, re-centering your soul, and allowing your mind to re-align with peace.

There’s an issue with society that tells us that disconnecting is not allowed; that our business will fail, our relationships will soil, and our time will be wasted.

However, from personal experience, this is far from the truth.

Disconnecting when needed can be of great benefit for life, mind, body, and soul.

It allows ourselves to concentrate on what truly matters, whether that be the goals in our businesses, the priority in our lives, or the energy of our friendships.

It allows us to practice re-centering with the mantras in life that resonate most purely with ourselves.

When we allow ourself to disconnect, we let our paths be pulled in the direction we were meant to be, rather than a direction society tells us to pursue.

We find ourselves in disconnection and in turn, find our purpose, passion, and connection with life.

By disconnecting, sometimes we connect better with ourselves. ♡

Love J.J.


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